The verdict is in, and the evidence is here for you to examine. Find out what scientists and even evolutionists say about evolution, and the big bang theories.

This IS of utmost importance to you, and you have made major descisions based on what you think of these things. It's time to re-evaluate. Please take the time to look into these fact filled pages lest a new dark age over-shadow you.

Evolution still seeks the "Missing Link" or any evidence that would suport it's "Theories",
but "Intelligent Design" is loaded with many solid proofs of "Divine Creation"
You'll want to look into these things before you go betting your soul that what you've been taught is true!

Why all the fuss?

We've been ripped off, our history, our heritage, our hope, our faith, for what? So we would give up our freedom. and it's working. History shows and proves that down this path is death and distruction for all humanity.
Thank God that there is a way, where there was no way, to to be saved. There is enough here to look at so that you can find the truth about yourself and God. Be serious about these eternal matters.